How to Send Money Using PhonePe: Easy Steps in 2024

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Sending Money with PhonePe is Quick and Simple in 2024

1. Download the PhonePe App: Go to the App Store or Google Play Store, search for "PhonePe," and download the app.

2. Sign Up or Log In: If you're new, sign up by entering your mobile number and following the prompts. If you're returning, log in with your credentials.

3. Add Money (Optional): You can add money to your PhonePe wallet by linking your bank account or card. Go to "My Money" and follow the instructions.

4. Start a Transfer: Tap on "Send Money" on the home screen. Enter the recipient's mobile number or UPI ID and the amount you want to send.

5. Choose Payment Method: Select how you want to pay - through UPI, card, or wallet balance.

6. Confirm and Authenticate: Review the details and confirm the transaction. Authenticate using your PIN, fingerprint, or face ID.

7. Transaction Complete: Once confirmed, you'll get a notification confirming the transaction. The recipient will also be notified.

8. Check Transaction History: To keep track, go to "Transaction History" to see details of past transfers.


Tips for Safe Transfers:

  • Double-check recipient details.
  • Review transactions before confirming.
  • Keep your app updated.
  • Never share your PIN or OTP.

With these steps, sending money via PhonePe is hassle-free!